Beaches in Torrevieja

On this page u find an overview of al the beaches (playas) and creeks (Calas) in Torrevieja.

Beaches in Torrevieja Z-yachting, your home with bank warranty at the Costa Blanca
Playa de los Náufragos Las Calas Playa del acequión Playa del cura Playa de los locos Playa de La Mata PM. Juan Aparicio

Torrevieja has over 20km coast which a lot of are white sandy beaches (playas) and creeks (calas). The Torrevieja beaches are very well accessible and are everywhere in the city indicated by roadsigns.

Sign indicate which services are available on what beaches, services such as showers, play area for the kids, first aid posts, liveguards and special relaxation zones.

Between each beach are some creeks (calas) allowing you to sunbathe and dive in quiet surroundings. Torrevieja has some extraordinary coral reefs.

Playa de los Náufragos (1)

Protected by the Southern dok of the port, is this one of Torrevieja's most animated and sport-loving beach with a large number of activities. The sea water is there very clean and the colour of sand is almost white. The surroundings are characterised by the salt lakes and lagoons of Torrevieja.

- Length: 300m
- Width: 45m
- Occupancy: high

Playa del acequión (2)

Situated at the port, this is a wide area with white sand. On this beach strip you find lots of fishingboats and beach bars.

Playa del acequión - Torrevieja

Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio (3)

This piece of the coast line exists almost entirely from large rocks. Here have 2 artificial beaches been created. These artificial beaches are enclosed with concrete quays which lets you swim safe without having any waves.

Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio - Torrevieja

Paseo Maritimo Juan Aparicio - Torrevieja

Playa del cura (4)

This popular piece of coastline is located inbetween Margallo and the northern dok of the port. The beach has gold coloured sand and is surrounded by palm trees, restaurants and little shops. On playa del cura's paseo there is always something happening!

- Length: 380m
- Width: 25m
- Occupancy: high

Playa del Cura - Torrevieja

Playa del Cura - Torrevieja

Playa de los locos (5)

Gold-coloured sand, little waves and clean blue water is the best way to describe this lovely beach. To the north its surrounded by small creeks which reach until Cabo Cervera. The beach has been adapted for people with bad mobility.

The beach has a play garden for kids, some restaurants, a first aid zone and the possibility to rent chairs and parasols.

- Length: 780m
- Width: 30m
- Occupancy: high

Playa de los locos - Torrevieja

Playa de los locos - Torrevieja

Calas de Torrevieja (5)

Calas - Torrevieja

Calas - Torrevieja

Playa de La Mata (6)

This is the longest and most beautiful beach in Torrevieja. Because of its nice sandy beach and pleasant location (surrounded by the natural park and dunes of La Mata) this is a high quality beach. This beach reaches from Cabo Cervera until the far end of La Mata.

Torrevieja - Playa de La Mata

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